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RTL begleitet Dessousrevolution in Fliegenberg

  • Punkt12 berichtet über die Gründerinnen von SugarShape

Fliegenberg, 8 August 2012 - Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are the cities that spring to mind when it comes to innovative enterprises. Fliegenburg, a little village on the banks of the Elbe River is not even on the radar. And yet, this is where Sabrina Schönborn and Laura Gollers plotted their lingerie revolution. They were fed up with the limited selection of old-fashioned and ill-fitting bras available in their size: Having a large bust shouldn’t condemn a woman to wearing hideous undergarments that neither feel nor look right. Without further ado, they founded their own lingerie label – SugarShape. And their designs don’t delight just customers; the sisters have also won many prizes for their business idea.

In the meantime, the ambitious sisters have even attracted the attention of a major television broadcaster. On 4 and 6 August, the RTL 'Punkt12' team accompanied Sabrina and Laura to work and also got a chance to witness a typical SugarShape photo shoot where lingerie isn’t modeled by professionals but by real users. A hot debate ensued while selecting fabrics for next season’s collection. Measurement data was collected for patterns and plans were drawn up for the upcoming bra and panty collection as the cameras watched. Beyond this, the sisters offered a glimpse into their exciting life as company founders: What’s it like to launch a business with your sister? How important is it to also have some fun while starting a business? How much courage does it take? What constitutes a perfect bra? This TV feature, which will be aired in August on RTL Punkt12, answers these questions and more.

'We hope that this feature will get the point across how important it is for a bra to fit well,' Sabrina Schönborn, Founder and Managing Director of SugarShape, adds. And, according to Laura Gollers, there was indeed not shortage of fun either: 'It was a nice surprise to see how laid back and smoothly our first television gig went. We quickly forgot about the cameras as we explained the world of SugarShape to the curious RTL team.'