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Sommergenuss für Kurven - der erste SugarShape Bikini ist da

  • Kundinnen konnten Verkaufsstart von „Sailorette“ kaum erwarten

  • Ohne Busenblitzer und „einschneidende Erlebnisse“ an den Strand

Hamburg, 10 July 2012 – A bikini that doesn’t fit right reveals this fact with brutal honesty. A large breast that slips out of the cup can turn a day at the beach into a complete nightmare. And this is a problem primarily for women whose natural curves don’t correspond to the industry’s standard sizes. Sadly, all too often the hunt for a two-piece swimsuit that not only fits well but also looks great ends in despair and a shopping bag full of bad compromises that make you hope for bad weather. Thanks to SugarShape, you can say good-bye to this kind of bikini frustration. With their young lingerie label, the sisters Sabrina Schönborn and Laura Gollers not only produce lingerie for curvy figures, they have now also launched their first SugarShape bikini collection 'Sailorette', which is now available at the online shop.

Schick an den Strand!
Even before 'Sailorette' went into production, numerous order requests reached us from customers eager to get hold of a beautifully-tailored bikini. They had, after all, been involved in this new must-have's design and naming. The final result: A marine-blue neck-holder bikini that show’s off a figure to best effect – both in and out of water. Since SugarShape also caters to women with large cup sizes, Sabrina and Laura were keen on developing cups that mold each breast for a lovely round and sculpted look. The bra’s design is highlighted by additional features including a little white bow at the bra’s center and some piping. The bikini tops come with a choice of two bikini bottom styles. The bikini slip is the perfect option if you want to lengthen your legs optically. The white ruffles on the sides are sexy and sweet at the same time. The 'Sailorette' panty is a true all-rounder whose fit can easily be adjusted. Gathering the fabric creates a skimpy fit ideal for sunbathing. By easing the fabric, you get more cover for your leg in case you want to join a game of beach volleyball.

Die richtige Größe macht den Unterschied
With the 'Sailorette', there‘s no chance that you will spill out of the cup or develop pressure marks! The simple, newly-developed SugarShape sizing system consists of measurements for Unterbrustumfang, Brustumfang und Hüftumfang. All you need is a tape measure to determine the right size. Our sizing system spells the end to madness of the bra cup letter system.

'Whether on vacation or at a public pool, I can sense that many women with a large bust don’t feel comfortable in the bikini tops. I had that same problem!', says Laura Gollers. 'You show a lot of skin and don’t have many options to disguise problem areas. Creating a bikini top that provides the necessary support for a large bust thus is quite a challenge.' Indeed, Laura Gollers rigorously vets each piece before it goes into production. 'By offering a perfect fit, we want to give women the necessary body confidence so they can get the most out of their summer!'