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SugarShape - how two sisters are revolutionizing the lingerie industry

  • So women can finally feel comfortable in their undergarments – A perfectly-fitting bra can change your life

  • Two sisters founded a start-up for modern bras beyond standard sizes

  • Kundinnen bestimmen mit: Bei SugarShape entscheiden die Käuferinnen über das Design

Hamburg, 19 July 2012 – Sabrina Schönborn and Laura Gollers were fed up. While these two sisters had inherited great curves from their mother, their attempts to show them off to best effect by matching them with modern bras were frustrating. All of them showed the telltale signs of improper fit: The bra band rode up their back.The straps cut into their skin. They experienced either cup spillage or underwire poking into their sides – and the bras simply had a dreadful form. Nor did any of these bras make them feel sexy... In conversation with their girlfriends, the two sisters, aged 32 and 24,discovered that they weren’t the only women who suffered from ill-fitting lingerie. Many curves simply don’t correspond to standard sizes set out by the bra industry. Frau braucht ein passendes Körbchen.

Sabrina and Laura had had enough of the nude-colored undergarment atrocities that are offered in their size. Their frustration sparked an idea and the sisters went on to found SugarShape, ( https://www.sugarshape.de) an own lingerie collection. They now sell bras and panties via an own online shop: And what’s special about SugarShape is that customer input is used to decide which designs and styles are produced. Users of SugarShape decide how a new piece will look – from its color and style to the so-called bra charm in the bra’s center. Let your voice be heard per online voting, Facebook or comments in the SugarShape blog. The sisters are hoping to take away some of the taboo that surrounds boobs, and they stand behind their product whole-heartedly. Sabrina Schönborn, Managing Director of SugarShape: 'We want women to feel comfortable in their own skin – and in their undergarments'.

Das passt! Fans der schicken Dessous finanzieren und designen mit
Experts estimate that 80 percent of all women are wearing the wrong bra size. In fact, the underbust to overbust ratio is key to whether a bra fits properly or not. At the SugarShape Shop, customers can find the right model easily. No curve sketching is required! That’s because SugarShape not only offers large cup sizes but also has styles that suit narrow-chested but fuller-busted women. The company-developed, easy sizing system is SugarShape’s unique selling point. It puts an end to dreadful bra size lettering à la 'double D'. SugarShape sizes consist of the measurements for the underbust, bust and hips. This makes it super-easy to find the fitting lingerie.
A swarm intelligence concept, namely 'crowd investing', was also used to finance their start-up. Since Seedmatch, the crowd-funding platform for start-ups, was enthusiastic about the SugarShape idea, Laura and Sabrina were allowed to present their project and search for investors on their platform. They were given three months time for this by Seedmatch. In fact, the SugarShape project made a huge splash! After just three hours and 55 minutes, the young founders reached their funding target of 100 000 euro. SugarShape is thus not only the first company founded by women to use this financing opportunity; SugarShape also managed to break a platform record. No other start-up has ever succeeded in collecting this much money in as short a time.

Unsere Models: Unsere Kundinnen
Women shouldn’t have to resort unsuitable bras in an antiquated style just because of a lack of choice. They deserve lingerie that flatters their body proportions and lends them a young, fresh look. Lingerie, after all, can give you an instant boost in confidence. 'On the other hand, ill-fitting lingerie can impair your health by causing backaches, for example', according to Sabrina Schönborn, Manager and Co-Founder of SugarShape. Laura Gollers adds: 'Positive feedback from our customers shows us that we are on the right path. They love it that SugarShape produces bras that keep their breasts where they belong – in their cups.' Many of our customers are so delighted with their new appearance in SugarShape lingerie that they apply to work as models for collection shoots. 'Not booking professional models is part of our concept,' Laura Gollers explains. 'We show our collections exclusively on user-models. We want customers to see our undergarments on women who have similar measurements as their own. That’s also why we show various body types!'